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san francisco on 101 traffic looks good. let's go back to the debts being. beginning with developing news out of san francisco a bicyclist left a trail of destruction. claudine wong will show us what happened, claudine? >> reporter: let me show you what it looks like because this is where it all ended. it was a signal box where it landed and take a look at the dam to the sense and the van and this is where everything was left behind two people and a cyclist and a suspected drunk driving and let's hear what happened before all of this. this started up on an interstate 808 when a driver sped by. that officer followed him on
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city streets streets but the driver kept going. it appears the driver park crashed near a parked -- driver crashed near a park vehicle. then the chase continued where the jeep cherokee crashed into a signal fence and the driver has been investigated for several things including suspected dui. the chase lasted forbearly five minutes but again a lot of damage this morning. take a look at this truck, this is just one of the vehicles hit in all of this and i just spoke to a police officer who told me, when he was -- what he was told was this driver hit this vehicle and came back around and that's when she hit the
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driver. live here in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are now investigating a serious death. a man reported his friend disappeared early yet evening. less than an hour earlier they found a man in us -- man in his 20s. he was not affiliated with uc berkeley. investigators do not think foul play was involved. they are questioning cat williams the man was possibly attacked and possibly at in the
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head. witnesses are surprised -- surprised he might be involved. >> he is big time and i know he is doing the show out here but it is shocking from a guy who may have a lot to loose. >> he is scheduled to perform tomorrow night at oracle arena. a man was shot in the head at the delta pines apartment shortly afte 9:00 last night. officers spent the day talking to neighbors and people he knew him before he died. investigators are trying to determine if this is a house fire. it damaged a 6 unit building in
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the triangle neighborhood. the fire started with a put had ther the others have smoke damage but nobody was hurt. in vallejo crews are battling a fire at a bar. it caught fire at 245 this morning. that bar is heavily damaged, no word on the cause but we are told this is the secretary suspicious story. we will have a new report coming on this at 5:00. they are querying the reasons before the recent gas spikes in fall foreign why. it shows refineries continue to
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make gas even though they tell people they are closed and the fire in richmond they were actually building at the time when gas pieces sky connect writted because of pavement end is paying pore man 50 cents per gallon than the national average. some i c students -- uc students are calmed out to propose tuition hikes. they are planning a rally at the call form relation general -- relation generals -- regents today. he called on relation rents for
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votes. coming up 8:45 graduates of colleges may have an especially hard time get being crab. the crab season will start arriving tomorrow morning. they will be a little more being peps sufficient and they will be selling -- expensive and they will be sell in local markets. we had a couple of things out there but they were not major. i was looking at chp and on the east shore freeway, it is not causing a huge delay but it is on the plaza. plaza is looking good coming into san francisco and no
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problems on the bridge itself and traffic is light as you can dement 4:36 let's go to sal. thank you sir. boy, i was talking to somebody and they say, we don't go the much in the way of sunshine, and the first system and the second one will come down from the north late under do into 40s and 50s. huer clouds are taking aim at southern california and we'll see clouds increasing later on. our clouds and rain coming in
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letter look for some later tomorrow and everything will continue to sweep through fry tee and today is the day we are transitioning from that system and late saturday will be the colder front. the winds will pick up and it may be higher or lower. sun clouds breezy and we have kind of a colder sunday and monday, pam. and they are working to sure up a hillside after a water-main break. yesterday crews tug a ditch no to spend more money. city engineers are working out
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a permanent solution for the hillside but that could take several weeks. had 38:00 a parent's worst -- 4:38 a parents' worst nightmare, his actions that led to the accident. and a so call a cartty in south bay. good morning, if you are driving 880 north, we will tell you more about the commute and bay area weather.
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. heavy fighting on the gaza strip continues, they are
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killed more than 50 people including the military commander in hamas. it is in response to days of rocket fire out of gaza. they continue to send fire killing three people into 'apartment building. they are prepared to launch a ground invasion of gaza if possible. three congressional hearings are scheduled for september 11th. lawmakers will also look at the obama's response that killed four americans including chris stevens. tomorrow general david petraeus will testify in front of the committee about that attack. the fbi agent who helped start the investigation that led to general david petraeus' resignation has now been
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identified. his name is frederic kris humphries. it led to the discovery of the extramarital affair between general david petraeus and paula broadwell. and now more ball out at the port of oakland. a source tells us an internal audit of 200,000 to thousands of dollars are now implicated. omar left following our report that linked him to uh-huhston strip club. the maritime director james won he can sponged that bill.
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-- ex-sponged that bill. she said she was collecting for roselie house. she said it was a shelter for battered women but when our rita williams approached her, she packed up her lock box and ran away. >> do you feel bad that you are collecting under false pretences? if you are legitimate why are you running away in. >> they do not solicit money outside stores. further digging recruited one man where the donations are split with no money going to charity. they say they would like to hear from anybody who has donated from this type director. you can find out how to terrify
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that a charity is tax exempt before you make a donation. they are take steps to end courage -- encourage that. they can find out about stores and other attractions. it allow them to restore it and accounts have been counted on facebook and twitter. students may have trouble finding a job unless they earn an "m" b.a. -- an mba. demand job seeksers is expected to rides by 30 press. but play ease are looking to hire graduates at a lower salary. san jose police are looking
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for a man who may have been stabbed. a man with a knife broke in tuesday night. one of the woman fought the burglar while the other woman called 911. a five-year-old boy is seriously injured after being hit by a van in oakland. it happened on left shore. the boy was rushed to the hospital the driver of the van stopped and cooperated with police. >> she was really shaken up. >> what did she say? >> she said i was driving down the street and all of a sudden he bass there if front of my car. a daily city councilwoman
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is accused of hitting garret gibson in the presidio and then taking offment gibson is still recovering from a major concussion. he also lost his bike. the woman is being charged with felony hit-and-run. time now 3:47, three car services are being ordered to pay $20,000 fines. lift am objector without permits. they are now suing hower. -- usual do they are now suing the man. people getting up early should expect to have a nice
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commute and there is no ugly surprises out there. westbound looks good headed out to the mcarthur maze and it is light, a lot of people get out early and there is not bad to expect there. >> southbound 101 and across the bay on interstate 880 it is a nice drive on fremont, let did to steve. all right, we have a couple of things going on and understanding in front of and when another colder system drops down from the north. actually saturday night into sunday. nice day yesterday, we had a few bands of high clouds
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overall we had temperatures nearp 70s. and we will have a little bit of a break, that next system will be a price. 40s for many, a little bit cooler over by the coast when it was unsow seasonablely -- unseasonably warmer. you get the idea clouds are starting to increase later today and i don't think there will be any rain until tomorrow. also taking us not only late but until that will be the colder system.
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that winds picks up. and if it were not for the cloud cover by the coast we will cool things down. a little break saturday morning, late rain, into sunday morning and cold showery pattern into monday being, pam. -- monday, pam. the end may be near for twinkies. the worker distribute that could force hostess out of business as early as tomorrow.
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. time knew 4:52, -- time now 4:52, he is looking into first sponsor recovery efforts and he will meet with families affected by the storms. governor cuomo said they will ask for $30 million to repulled. many victims in the hardest hit are now getting sick. a bad could you have in far -- cough in far rockaway, people are now getting sick. health officials are warning people to throw out any molding
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material or clean mold out with bleach. -- james holmes had to be hospitalized. he rammed his head into his jail cell. holmes was supposed to attend court hearing and it has now been pushed back to december 10th. hostess says 17,000 workers will be out of jobs. they warned they will have to liquidate if employees don't get back to work. they filed for bankruptcy and they have been trying to reorganize. they shut down when workers walked out saturday. they have the highest poverty rate in the u.s. they are measuring poverty for the
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report. it shows nearly 9 million are coming in because of the high cost of living and the numbers still surprise those who work in food banks and homeless shelters. >> we opened our waiting list. we have eight units and we had 100 plus families sleeping overnight just to be on the list. >> nationwide, several people are living under the poverty line about 16% of the population. christain fellowship will be giving away turkeys and that giveaway starts at 10:00 a.m. this morning and ends a 915
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9:15. coming up to the 880 split no major problems and southbound 101 looks good. 280 extension up to king street looks nice as well. also the morning commute on oakland, speaking of oakland, traffic is moving further town. it is a nice looking drive and 101 looks good from the peninsular into san jose. 4:55 let's go to steve. we are waiting for increasing clouds, they will be here later today. big dims in -- big difference in the temperatures, we are starting to see more of a southerly breeze and it is starting to work its way towards us which is where the rain begins. morning sun, we had mild conditions for a couple of days and the trend is to take them
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down especially if you head into the weekend. and the breeze picks up in advance of that system. still, cool, it looks like cloud cover gets underway and temperatures are underway in the 60s we will continue to see cloudy with rain beginning off and on into early saturday and then late saturday into sunday and a colder system comes in and carry to monday for a cooler pattern, pam. coming up disturbing news from the south bay, it involves a registered sex offender and where he was doing volunteer work. also a suspicious fire at a popular bar, we will have a live update next.
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. an assault in oakland, how it is directly tied to a popular comedian in oakland. and it involves the refineries and the sky-high gas prices we were paying. we will tell

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